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Technical Regulations
of the Customs Union,
already in force in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
(in English)

GOST-R certificates expiration:

1 Machinery and equipment 03.15.15 preview
2 Low voltage equipment 08.15.14 preview
3 Electromagnetic compatibility 03.15.15 preview
4 Equipment for explosive atmospheres 03.15.15 preview
5 Toys 02.15.14 preview
6 Products for children and adolescents 02.15.14 preview
7 Packaging 02.15.14 preview
8 Finished foods 02.15.15 preview
9 Foods labeling 02.15.15 preview
10 Specialized, medicinal and dietary foods 02.15.15 preview
11 Food additives, flavors, processing aids 02.15.15 preview
12 Juices from fruits and vegetables 02.15.15 preview
13 Oil and fat products 02.15.15 preview
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